Monday, September 12, 2011

Dark Of The Night (1985) - VHS

VHS - Lightning Video (1986)

no r1 dvd. cant really tell by the scan but the cover has heavy water damage. its all good atleast no mold on cover and its not a cutbox. tape plays 100%.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hands Of The Ripper (1972) - VHS

VHS - VidAmerica (1985)

great film. this should of def had a offical r1 dvd.
"this is a hammer house of horror film classic" is a sticker on front

Renegade Monk (1978) - VHS

VHS - Video Gems (1982)

found this past winter in a garage sale went in and asked if they had tapes, they showed me a small cheap stack. i found nothing there, then they said "when your done look here" they pulled up another garage door and had more tapes. mostly crap but a handful of goodones. this was one of them that was stacked on bottom of a tv. clam is slightly bent and crushed.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Club (1981) - VHS

VHS - Ocean Shores Video LTD (1983)

i have about five other ocean shores clams i'll scan soon. the tape guard is awesome with the ocean shores logo on it.

Bloody Moon (1981) - VHS

VHS - CIC (198?)

awesome film. tape has a beta label.

Faces Of Death II (1981) - VHS

VHS - Gorgon Video (198?)

brotherhood of death and die sister die theatrical trailers at the beginning. artwork has a slight bit of paper browning on the back. original clamshell was mad dirty (bug legs and dirt stuck at the bottom) it rests in a replacement white clamshell now.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

To All A Goodnight (1980) - VHS

VHS - Media Home Entertainment (1983)

decent flick, still no r1 dvd. extremely good condition for a ex-rental. the video store i got it from back then was awesome they had dim lighting and the windows covered = no major fading on the tapes. they also just rented the tapes as tape only and the cover stould in the store. that's probably why alot of the covers were near mint. they might have had a leak sometime tho a few tapes i got from them had some slight water damage on the covers. glad this one is near mint. bottom flap intact.

Messiah Of Evil (1973) - VHS

VHS - Video Gems (198?) (slipcase)

dvd -
video gems slipcase release. no date on cover or tape. the tape has a grey tape guard and silver label. awesome film. deff pick up the code red release if you like this film! near mint ex-rental had a sticker from a canadian rental shop on tape.

Beyond The Door (1975) - VHS

VHS - Media Home Entertainment (1982)

one of my favorite films. glad i have this classic media release in my collection. bottom flap still intact, pretty nice condition for a ex-rental.

Terror On Tour (1980) - VHS

VHS - Media Home Entertainment (1983)

got this one years ago at a video store, four tapes for $10$. the asshole who put them in a bag gave me a bag with some potatoechip crumbs on the bottom those wacky stains on the spine and top might be from the greasy bag. fuck it besides that and the wear its all intact and the tape plays 100%.

Popeye & Friends, In The Wild West - VHS

VHS - Media Home Entertainment (1984)

great mix of classic cartoons right here. one of my favorite tapes in my collection from media. bottom flap intact.

A Killer With Two Faces (1974) - VHS

VHS - The Video Late Show (1986)

found about a month ago for 75 cents at the thrift shop. near mint and still had the IVE ad.


since i started this blog i made a few posts, stopped posting for awhile then start again, and delete most of the old posts. the last posts when i showed vhs from my collection with those cheap ass camera pictures have been deleted. i recently found a scanner for 2.50!?!?! at the thrift store in mint condition. from now on i will be posting real scans of tapes from my collection. i would of posted scans from the start if i had access to a scanner but i didnt want to go out and buy one for full price when i'll just be using it sometimes to scan vhs or other random shit.

ill mostly just scan covers if you want a scan of the tape let me know. if anyone wanna use the pic somewhere just link to here.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) - 2 TV Spots

The Phantom Of Terror (1982) - TV Spot

tv spot for the 1982 re-release of "bird with the crystal plumage 1970"

The Hearse (1980) - TV Spot

subscribe to for more great tv spots and other videos.

The Warriors (1979) - 2 TV Spots

gotta love youtube for users posting tv spots and more that dont make it on the dvds

the theatrical cut for this film is the only way to go in my opinion.

they should of released both versions on the newer releases.