Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Deranged (1974) - Cast And Crew Photo

Anya & Alan Ormsby, last two on right, 2nd row.
Bob Clark (r.i.p), first left. tom savini, 3rd row

Combat Shock (1986) - Tribute Page

here is a tribute page to 1986 Buddy Giovinazzo's "combat shock :aka american nightmare" its by one of the four members from the effects crew, Edmund Varuolo.

check it out, also pick up that 2 disc released by troma a few months back.


Hugo Man Of A Thousand Faces - At The Monster Rally (Cartoon Ad, 1975)

image from ebay.

Hugo: Man Of A Thousand Faces, was created by (make-up effects artist / actor / director / writer) Alan Ormsby, and produced by Kenner toy company in (1975).

Alan Ormsby - IMDB